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Who Is Ben Pakulski &
Why Should You Listen To Him?

Today it’s time to get personal… with Ben Pakulski

I am honored to have had the opportunity to expose the most common training myths and dietary misconceptions to you over the past few days.

For those of you that have yet to check out my free report, audio interview and seminar DVD, be sure to re watch all those info-packed pieces.  You’ll learn something new the second time around!

The content you’ve been reading has evolved from over fourteen (14) years of continuous reading, researching, and trial-and-error (on myself!). I have also been so blessed to have access to some of the world’s brightest doctors, therapists and coaches from many different athletic fields. This has allowed me to accumulate a wealth of knowledge that you wont find together in one place, anywhere else.

Charles Poliquin is just one of the brilliant coaches I've worked with

Ben Pakulski

Let’s cut right through the BS, shall we?

Most people who teach muscle & fitness don’t give a rip about you – you are just a cash register to them.

When was the last time they updated their before and after pictures?

When was the last time they expressed interest in a long-term relationship rather than making promises they can’t fulfill resulting in admitting “Damn! I’ve been fooled again!”

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muscle building report










Today is the day two of my great friends Vince Delmonte and Pro Bodybuilder Ben “PakMan” Pakulski  are GIVING AWAY a brand new 54-page muscle building report ($39.95 value) revealing the 6 forgotten factors of hypertrophy for igniting colossal gains in muscle size and strength.

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Use just 1 of these factors and you’ll start growing, use all and your “genetics” don’t stand a chance.

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ben pakulski on how to build muscle

Build Muscle Fast

How To Build Muscle Fast? We ask Ben Pakulski

Question: Ben, please identify the number one training mistake that individuals make make when looking to build muscle fast which prevents them from achieving maximal muscle gains

Answer: Well, we all know “the guy” in the gym that throws a ton of weight on the bar and moves it with terrible form and looks like hes going to hurt himself. He is the root of many of our jokes, and definitely gets a lot of sideways looks from the patrons of the gym.

We’ve all asked ourselves “WHAT is he trying to do?” Chances are, he has no clue. He comes in the gym everyday and does the Exact same thing week in and week out because he really has NO IDEA what he is trying to do. Therein lies the problem and the reason why he fails in his quest to build muscle!

Guess what, more likely than not, you have all been guilty of doing this too at some point in your life (whether you care to admit it or not).

The first thing you need to do is identify your desired goal. If your goal is to build muscle, then you have come to the right place and you should take a minute listen up.

The one and ONLY most important factor that you need to consider when it comes to your quest to build muscle, is TENSION. (more on that in a minute..)

We have all heard people speak about mind-muscle connection, or that you’ve got to really “squeeze” a muscle to make it grow. I don’t know about you, but for most people this is a really hard concept to figure out. Those of us that “get” what it means, still really have a difficult time putting it to action.

The good news is, this is quite a simple concept and I will show you how to apply it to build muscle literally TWICE as fast. Take a look at Ben’s awesome new muscle building workout and nutrition plan which features this exact concept called Mass Intentions 40

In order to build muscle this is what you need to know:

Muscles communicate in terms of tension. They have absolutely NO idea how much weight youre lifting. They only know how much tension or torque is going through them.

What if I told you there was a way to perform more or less ANY exercise so that you could FEEL it EXACTLY where youre supposed to feel it, AND increase muscular tension with LESS weight to get results TWICE as fast in half the time. Sounds pretty cool, right? I’ll explain. See this principle in action and get the free Mass Intentions Report

YOU can control exactly how much tension or torque that goes through a muscle you are working at ANY point in the workout.

You have complete control over HOW HARD you squeeze, HOW LONG you work, and most importantly EXACTLY WHERE you squeeze and contract.

You can selectively train EXACTLY the muscle you’re supposed to be and not train anything that you don’t want to be.

Every guy out there knows what i’m talking about. We’ve all done bench presses and got NO pump in our chests but our delts and tri’s were cooked! No more, gents!

I would like to take this moment to introduce to you the revolutionary muscle building technique called INTENTION!

The way I describe intention to people I encounter that are unfamiliar with it is this:

“Intention is the CONSCIOUS INTENT to create TENSION in the muscle”

I know, I know, sounds a little hokey. BUT the fact of the matter is that this is BY FAR the best way to ensure you are maintain tension on the working muscle.

The number one most highly correlated factor to build muscle is “TIME UNDER TENSION”. The longer you can keep tension directly on a muscle, the more you control the rate at which that muscle grows.

You can do a bench press all day long, and if there is not tension in the pecs, you WILL NOT build pecs. Why is it that some people can build great chests while bench pressing while others cant? Because some peoples “genetics” allow them to thoughtlessly keep a greater amount of tension in that muscle!

We now have the ability to do this consciously. The best part is, IT’S EASY!!

INTENTION in action.

The most simple example of intention exists on the bench press. Grab on the bar in front of you, just like you would on a bench press. You can use any stable surface for this example. I will use the edge of my desk. I grab the edge of my desk about equally as wide as I would on a bench press. Hold on firmly, and without letting your hands move from that
position, “shove” them toward each other. What happened? Your chest contracted didn’t it?

Now imagine doing this exact thing through a range of motion, like in a bench press.

WOW! You just created continuous tension in the EXACT muscle you wanted to! Pretty cool right!?

Ben reveals the complete secret to doubling muscle growth to enable you to build muscle in half the time in his killer workout routine called Mass Intentions 40, it has silenced the critics see our honest Mass Intentions Review now.

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Who is Ben Pakulski

Ben Pakulski IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Ben Pakulski

Although many of you in the muscle building world may not have come across the name Ben Pakulski, believe me this is very soon going to change BIG TIME!, particularly if you are looking to build twice as much muscle in less than half the time.

You see Ben Pakulski is an established IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and also a graduate in both Kinesiology and Biomechanics from the University of Western Ontario.

Ben started training at the early of just 15 and has learn’t the tools of his trade from some of the very best in the industry noteably Tom Hall.

Pakulski has built a body most of us can only dream of, as well as spending many years as a nutrition coach, celebrity trainer, public trainer and also a public speaker.

After 14 years of seeking the best information and applying just about every possible muscle building technique and more importantly evaluating the muscle gains Ben Pakulski is about to release to the eager muscle building public a secret new and scientificly proven muscle building program that is completely different to anything else that you have ever seen or tried called  .

The principles which Ben uses are said to double muscle growth in half the time. I will speak later about the detail of this new program which is called Mass Intentions or Mi40 for short.

Here are the Ben Pakulski Statistics

HEIGHT:  5’10″




ARMS:  21″

THIGHS:  32″

Calves:  22″

Waist:  34″

Neck:  19.5″

Ben Pakulski Accomplishments

2009 Tampa Pro show:  Third Place

2008 Canadian Championship:  First Place – Super Heavyweight and Overall

2008 North American Bodybuilding Championships:  Second Place – Super Heavy

2007 North American Bodybuilding Championships:  Second Place – Super Heavy

No doubt many of you will have heard of Vince Delmonte, well Ben Pakulski  was Vinces coach and the MI40 or Muscle Intentions workout is the exact routine that was shown and used by Vince to get into  the WBFF pro rankings.

Be sure to checkout Ben’s shocking Mass Intentions Workout

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Ben Pakulski Flex Pro Interview

Ben Pakulski IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Yesterday I put up the Ben Pakulski Arnold Classic video and I have been inundated with requests to show the video footage of Ben at the Flex Pro 2012.  Well I have got a treat for you. I have included two videos. The first video shows Bens awesome finals routine and I think you will agree with me that Ben looks absolutely  amazing, his legs are phenomenal. His overall symmetry and muscle balance has come on leaps and bounds. See how he wows the crowd and grabs a coverted 2nd place.

In the second video straight after the Flex Pro finals Ben Pakulski gives a forthright right interview to Flex Magazine. Is Ben happy with his result, well checkout the video to find out.

Remember you can grab full access to the exact same workout principles that Ben has used to great effect in preparation for both the Flex Pro and Arnold Classic as well as securing a full $30 discount but only for a very limited time.

Get Ben Pakulski’s Mass Intentions Workout with a full $30 discount.

Enjoy the videos, I am sure they will give you the inspiration to want move forward to the most cutting edge scientifically proven muscle building workout available Mass Intentions 40 or MI40

Ben Pakulski’s Flex Pro 2012 Finals Routine


Ben Pakulski Interview After Finishing Second At The Flex Pro Finals 2012


Get Ben Pakulski’s Mass Intentions Workout with a full $30 discount right here <<


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 Ben Pakulski Birthday

ben pakulski birthday mass intentions discount

The 18th of March was the Ben Pakulski birthday celebration. What an amazing month so far for the man mountain Ben Pakulski placing an awesome 2nd at the Flex Pro and an outstanding 4th in the Inaugural Arnold Classic and claiming a massive $30,000 payday. To mark Bens birthday he is offering a full $30 off the Mass Intentions MI40 advanced muscle building program. This is the same cutting edge muscle building program that Ben uses as the mainstay of his muscle building workouts.

Let me just remind you why the Mass Intentions or MI40 workout is completely different…

1. MI40 is the ONLY muscle program that focuses on the conscious INTENT to create TENSION in the muscle with the use of Intentions. Adding Intentions to your movements PROVES that there is NO SUCH THING as a “weak” or “lagging” body part and teaches you how to FEEL the muscle ensuring growth. Ben includes SEVEN hours of instructional coaching so you can learn how to fully SHORTEN & LENGTHEN every muscle through it’s full range of motion on
every respective movement. Info that was acquired from being around the worlds brightest coaches, therapists and doctors the past 14 years!

2. MI40 is different than every other run-of-the-mill program by introducing Ben Pakulski’s trademark NOS Technology - an intensifier to ensure you never finish a workout wondering, “Did I do enough?” or “Did I do too much?” NOS optimizes your testosterone levels to immediately see growth.

3. And finally, MI40 guarantees you’ll maximize the muscle-to-fat ratio (the majority of test subjects actually LOST body fat on the system) and keep your abs the entire 40 days with Ben’s Three-Phase Nutrition. (BTW… if you’re eating carbohydrates 1-2 hours BEFORE you workout than you’re DECREASING your workouts performance – this is the most cutting-edge nutrition research you’ll find).  Ben did not become one of the top 15 bodybuilders in the world by reading the same old rehashed muscle & fitness info you can find anywhere.  Come on!

And the BEST news?!

Ben is offering a Full $30 discount on the MI40 Workout Program, But hurry places are limited. To get the Ben Pakulski Birthday Mass Intentions MI40 Discount Click Here

Here is Ben competing in the Arnold Classic

Seen the video, you have got the inspiration, now join Ben and get your $30 discount on the MI40 Workout Program, But hurry places are limited. To get the Ben Pakulski Birthday Mass Intentions MI40 Discount Click Here



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